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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope you will find the information below of some use, assistance and help making your choice when booking a DJ for your wedding reception.

The most important thing is to ensure whoever you decide to book, sign a contract, this will ensure you have peace of mind and help you fully understand exactly what to expect for your special day.

We understand, wedding receptions require planning and time to ensure all eventualities are covered, there are plenty of websites advising “questions you should ask your wedding DJ before booking” however many of these sites are based in the US, where the person who speaks is regarded as an MC, and the DJ is expected to play seamless music throughout, historically in the UK wedding DJ’s would make announcements, play music and entertain your guests, so the first thing you need to decide is do you want a mixing DJ, or a vocal DJ who speaks to your guests.

At Digital Disco Services we have the ability to provide you with either of these options, all we ask is that you let us know your requirements as the equipment used for each of these scenario's is different, we would still be able to make any required announcements in the "mixing" DJ environment if needed.

We would strongly suggest wherever possible to meet your DJ to sign contracts and re-assure yourself that you are making the right selection, at Digital Disco Services we have tailored our wedding packages to ensure your needs and expectations will be at least met, but hopefully exceeded, the pricing structure of our wedding packages differs from a “private function” due to the planning and care required to get this right for you, we feel weddings require a specialist DJ not a average mobile DJ.

We'll gladly quote you our price once we know the details of your event... and what services you want.
You wouldn't ask the restaurant "How much for a meal?" They need to know what you want. For a professional DJ, it’s not "one-price-fits-all events" either.  We normally quote based on a standard four to five hour event.

To quote a price, the minimum information we’ll need to know:

• Exact date of your event?
("Next June" doesn't allow us to check our DJs are still open on your date.)

• Where is your reception being held? (Please provide the name of the venue, Town / City & Postcode)

• Do you also need DJ music for your ceremony or cocktail hour on-site? If so, will it be held outside or in another room?

• How many hours of DJ performance time will you need? (Actual performance time, not travel, set-up or break-down)

• Approximate number of guests? (Because a larger sound system is needed for 450 guests versus only 75 guests)

Beware of any DJ or DJ company that quickly quotes you a price without asking what you need... A "one price fits all" answer strongly suggests an "amateur" approach where every wedding they book gets the same thing regardless of what you later tell them you'd actually like...

FACT: The single biggest mistake any engaged couples can make is to contact a bunch of DJs and ask only for their price.

Comparing DJs by price alone assumes that every DJ who quotes you a price has exactly the same experience, musical knowledge, equipment and professionalism, so the lowest price must be "the best deal".  Price shopping with no other information works fine when pricing the same model vacuum cleaner at three different shops, but not when deciding on the right entertainment for the biggest day of your life!  After reading this article, we hope that perhaps you will ask some other important questions as well.
Most consumers will agree that the cheapest price rarely equals the best quality... in anything.
Since every bride wants to find the best DJ possible at the best possible price, we'd like to offer some advice to help you make a sensible, informed decision.
Along with your DJ price inquiry, why not ask a few "tough" questions, just to expose and "weed out’ any DJ amateurs posing as professional DJs.
Once you are comparing only real, reputable, professional DJ services, it will be much easier to compare prices and select the right one to meet all your needs.
Whether or not you've made the right choice in professional DJ entertainment will be instantly obvious at your wedding, to you, your family and all your guests.

FACT: "A cheap DJ is never exceptional, and an exceptional DJ is never cheap!"

We hope this helps you select the perfect DJ to entrust with the most important day of your life.... contact us with your details for a price quote today. Thank you!

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